где получить номер USA

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желательно фрии, но можно и через СС. в гугле много контор, но хочется узнать, кто чем пользуется Изображение

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вот этим пользуюсь, даже некоторые смс принимает)

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покупаешь skype-in, потом если другой номер нужен будет регистрируешь бесплатный google voice(гугл войс даёт бесплатные номера в штатах), верифицируешь его автоматическим входящим звонком через номер skype-in и так можно делать несколько раз.

Или нужно найти кого-то, кто примет звонок на номер сша и введёт 2 цифры с диал-пада.

Ещё там нужно будет в настройках убрать галочку forward incoming calls to your phone и поставить forward to your chatroom. Тогда будет звонить в окно браузера, когда вы находитесь в GMail(почте).

Способ for free, но на английском и я не пробовал:


Let's say you're in the UK or Russia or whatever country and you're working on something that requires you to send txt messages inside the US from a US number. Why would you or anyone else want to do this? Well, for starters let's say you're doing auction fraud or Craiglist fraud. If you post a real USA number on your listings and tell people to call or send you text messages to that number, it gives you more credibility. It makes them believe you ARE physically inside the US and that this is your cellphone number, since most believe SMS are only to cellphones. There`s plenty of uses to send and receive SMS in our ******* world.

Allow me to introduce you to Google Voice. A carder's new best friend. A free service that has dozens of other useful features including transcribing voicemails as text, call screening, the ability to record calls, switch a call from one phone to another in the middle of the conversation, and to send and receive SMS messages to your Google inbox.

Up to this point, it's been invitational only, but on Tuesday, Google announced that it will allow existing Google Voice users to invite friends to the service, just like in the early days of Gmail. Google is rolling out the invitations gradually so sometime soon invitations will start being available. Please do not ask me for an invite cuz I do not have that feature yet... but a quick Google search and you should be able to find an invitation (just like when gmail came out).

By being outside of the US, you will need to sign up using a US proxy. Use hotspot shield for a quick proxy browse. Once you are signed up, you will need to add at least one REAL US phone number and it has to be US because the number has to be verified (they call you) in order to have your account created. So here's the workaround:

1) Login using your Google account and you will see activation wizard asking you to choose your new US number. Choose one by selecting whatever US City you want the number from

2) Now, you will get prompted for a real USA phone number where you can receive the call and confirm your account.

3) Go to sipgate.com to get a number, or IPcomms.net or ipkall.com (they're all free). If you want step by step instructions on using sipgate ( which is what I myself used ) here's a link



4) Back on Google Voice, click the CALL ME NOW and you should receive the call on your desktop (if you're using sipgate).

5) Activate the keypad/dialpad as you need to dial your confirmation code

6) Your Google Voice account should be activated.

7) Now go to your Google Voice Settings and enable the DO NOT DISTURB feature.

By having the " DO NOT DISTURB" feature enable, whenever someone sends you a txt message, instead of Google forwarding it to your sipgate number, it just goes straight to your inbox - which you can then respond just like email and your victims will receive it just like it's coming from any other cellphone. Same with voicemails. If someone calls you, it will not be forwarded - will go straight to your voicemail which you will see transcribed on your inbox. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. But for the SMS it works great.

I've used this for some craiglist op I was working on and it works. Everyone thought they were txting a cellphone in Florida.

Good luck and if you have questions, Google search is your other new friend. I'm sure there's lots of info on this being written already.

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