TF Miner 1.0 [Bitcoin Miner] Version

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TF Miner 1.0 [bitcoin Miner] Version

TF Miner is a silent bitcoin miner that has no dependencies and drops no files to disk. TF Miner is a highly modified version of ufasoft miner which allows GPU and CPU support. Registry HKCU startup is enabled by default and all available parameters/options from the original ufasoft can be used with this miner. There is no downloading of external files and dropping of files to the file system, this is substantially better than all the public miners that are currently available.

This miner is guaranteed to work better than ANY of the public free or paid miners that are available on the market at the moment. You may ask why I am releasing this for free and not charging for it? The answer is simple, by hopefully releasing something for the community it will encourage others to do the same. I have only tested this locally and I do not endorse the illegal usage of this program, this release is purely to destroy the current paid bitcoin botnet miner market as I honestly think they are not worth being sold.

Here is a little screenshot of the builder.


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TF Miner 1.0 [bitcoin Miner] Version.rar (4.58MB)

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