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Hya Guyz ... My method is called WIREBOX .. I am here to form a teamwork and all hands are invited specially good spammers ... The Aim of this team is to make large some of money and share base on percentage. I just want 4 to 5 spammers who can only spam for email and pass access with IP address. The email leads should be business or personal account but mainly resgitered domain account. List of Domains: aol hughesnet.com att.com sbcglobal.net btinternet.com yahoo.it rogers.com Etc ... These lists are sample for you to understand what i mean ... The email address should be a traders account like realtor, car dealers, boat sellers, manufacturers, buyers, sellers etc ... which involves transaction. Countries needed .. CA, UK, ASIA, USA, AU, Middle EAST, NZ and any other country you can get hold of. i can move money from such accounts with my method and my toolz for us share money. Hope to make good money this year. Thanks ... send me pm lets get work started ... or add me on yahoo canija9102

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